[I pray]


The lockdown period was – and still is - very stressful on many levels. At a certain point, I decided to put all of my energies and emotions into a project. I live with my family in a house with a garden around it and as soon as we were all locked down, I started to develop a certain interest into gardening. I discovered that beauty needs caring in order to make it grow. I saw beauty in nature. So, I grabbed my camera and began filming. 

Day by day, with the precious help of my dear father, I filmed bits of my work and, eventually, I ended up with having a good deal of video material. I edited it and, with the help of some of my friends, I created “ORO” ( from Latin “I pray”).


A film by: Francesca Malinverno

Interpreted by: Miriam Podgornik

Music by: Emanuele Colognese


“Best Director Short Documentary at Berlin Indie Film Festival 2020”

“Best Short Form Documentary Film at Documentary FEEDBACK Film Fest. 2021”

“Official Selection at Berlin Independent Film Festival 2021”

“Official Selection at Documentary Film Festival 2021” Toronto

"Official Selection at Bitesize Festival 2021"

“Honorable Mention at London International Monthly Film Festival 2021”

“Honorable Mention at Athens International Monthly Film Festival 2021”

Interview with Matthew Toffolo CEO of the WILDsound FEEDBACK Film & Writing Festival 

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