[I pray]


The lockdown period was – and still is - very stressful on many levels. At a certain point, I decided to put all of my energies and emotions into a project. I live with my family in a house with a garden around it and as soon as we were all locked down, I started to develop a certain interest into gardening. I discovered that beauty needs caring in order to make it grow. I saw beauty in nature. So, I grabbed my camera and began filming. 

Day by day, with the precious help of my dear father, I filmed bits of my work and, eventually, I ended up with having a good deal of video material. I edited it and, with the help of some of my friends, I created “ORO” ( from Latin “I pray”).


A film by: Francesca Malinverno

Interpreted by: Miriam Podgornik

Music: Emanuele Colognese


© 2020 


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